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Epoxy and polyaspartic are highly durable coatings that are applied directly on top of prepped concrete. A finished epoxy floor is a chemically bonded combination of epoxy resin (part A) and hardener (part B), which cures to create a hard protective barrier over a concrete surface. 

Epoxy floors are hard wearing and provide a seamless coating with a number of decorative finishes such as flake, metallic, quartz, or solid color. This means epoxy is great flooring option for many environments, be it garage, commercial kitchen, shop floor, warehouse, porch, patio, or pool deck.

If you’re looking for a flooring solution that balances durability, cost and is aesthetically appealing, then epoxy is a great choice. It is important to remember that not all systems are created equal. With each system having its own strengths and weaknesses, we recommend an always free concrete consultation to determine which system will work the best for you.


How Much Does it Cost?

We get questions about pricing and costs all the time. 

How much per square foot? How much for a 2-car garage?
Can I just get a ballpark price?

We’d love to be able to do that for our customers! We know pricing is very important in the decisions you make for your home. 

Unfortunately, every home and business is unique. We’ve discovered that the way to give you the best service and the most accurate information and pricing is to send one of our concrete specialists to analyze the situation.

They will only need 30 minutes or less to complete the process. The final price is not just a matter of square footage. There are a number of aspects that can affect your final price like size and the repairs needed to give you a stunning seamless floor.

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